Monthly Archives: April 2021

The Benefits Of Watching Soccer

  Whether you already watch a lot of soccer or are planning to start watching more, let’s explore the benefits that come along with cheering on your favorite teams and players. I got the opportunity to chat with USWNT and Manchester City center back Abby Dahlkemper, and she talked about …

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The Cost Of Individual Soccer Training

“You get what you pay for,” with at least ONE exception. That’s the beauty of individual soccer training–the basis for the career of the world’s greatest players, as well as those who develop a lasting love of the game. You may also be interested to understand Why Soccer Players Should …

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How To Be A Great Soccer Parent

Whether you play(ed) soccer yourself, are completely new to it, or fall somewhere in between, there are many ways you can help your player have a great experience through the sport. The Techne App is a useful guide for your player to spend time regularly practicing the skills necessary to …

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