The Cost Of Individual Soccer Training

“You get what you pay for,” with at least ONE exception. That’s the beauty of individual soccer training–the basis for the career of the world’s greatest players, as well as those who develop a lasting love of the game.

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Private, Individual Instruction:


Question: How much does a private soccer coach or trainer cost?

Pros: Personalized, individual instruction in many ways can’t be beat. There are aspects of attention, motivation, feedback, and expertise that a great individual trainer can offer that could be transformative in a player’s game.

Cons: This type of training is very expensive. It will only be positive and impactful if the coach is good, and either way, most families can’t afford quality private instruction 3-4x/week, or as much as a player could, or should, be training on their own. Additionally, always being with a coach does not let the player develop the motivation, accountability, discipline, and personal relationship with the game that playing on their own can.

Techne Futbol Guided Training:

$39.99/month (we also offer group pricing)

Question: How much does guided online soccer training cost?

Pros: Techne provides professional-level instruction at a fraction of the cost. It is accessible to players who cannot afford, or do not have access, to a private trainer. Players can learn to invest in their own development and track their progress in comparison with teammates and players all over the world. There are also built-in reward systems to make training fun and competitive, while putting the onus on the players to be self-motivated.

Cons: Especially for beginning players, there’s a learning curve for learning how to practice on your own. It takes time to not only learn the soccer skills but to learn to be self-aware, gather your own feedback, and be patient with your improvement. The key is to make sure you’re pushing yourself both mentally and physically to train with the same effort and focus as if you were in front of a personal trainer.

Other Resources:


Pros: There are a handful of other resources on the market that guide players in their individual training. Since nowadays there is so much training content available on social media and the internet, it’s helpful to have a program or plan for players to follow, or guidance as to what they should be doing, how to do it, and how much. These resources often make training alone more engaging and fun, which allows players to spend the thousands of hours necessary with the ball.

Cons: It can be difficult to know what resource is best for your player. That’s why doing some homework can be helpful. Check out the offerings. Read the reviews and testimonials (typically, the more reviews there are, the better). Most of all, speak with other players/teams. Here’s a tip: if a service offers a free trial, make sure to get the most of it. And check to see that it is truly “no strings attached” and doesn’t require your payment information to get started.

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