The purpose of rondos in football

Training sessions in football develop a player as a complete footballer. The famous Rondos are an essential part of any team’s training nowadays. Young players should be involved in multiple rondos in every training session as it can make them more comfortable with the ball when they flourish.

The legend Johan Cruyff implemented this game in his time as a coach at FC Barcelona. He said about rondos: “Everything that goes on in a match, except shooting, you can do in a rondo. The competitive aspect, fighting to make space, what to do when in possession and what to do when you haven’t got the ball, how to play ‘one touch’ soccer, how to counteract the tight marking and how to win the ball back.”

Rondos occur in close proximity, with the possessing group often circled around the opposing group. Unlike other possession games, in a rondo, players occupy predetermined positions. Rondos improve player decision making, coordination, team play, creativity, competitiveness, and physical conditioning. The exercise has been used by major football organizations, including Derby County FC in the early ’70s and later FC Barcelona and Ajax. It has been credited with remaking the modern game.

Passing and the first touch are two vital things in football. Rondos play a massive role in mastering passing skills. A rondo is a possessional game where the goal for the team in possession is in numerical advantage and are trying to keep the ball away from a set of defenders. The game is often played in tight spaces and with pace.

Rondos can help players have the confidence to pass in the official matches. They would take away the fear and doubt about where the next pass should be.

Decision making will be much improved when rondos are practised. It will also help to know the teammate’s and the opponent’s positions. The capacity to make the correct decisions and the speed of play is improved with rondos.

With the type of work done in rondos, the understanding between teammates is improved, and the sense of team is also built.

Quick thinking is always essential in football. The problems in a football match will be different at every single moment. So, the tactical and technical ability should be of high standards here. Rondos will help to improve it, and also it will enhance the creativity.

In the development of the rondo, the player’s competitive nature is improved. Players have to fight to make space, learn how to counteract marking, and win the ball back. Players should have the capacity to resist when someone tries to take the ball. It will also help to survive during high pressure.

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